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Plating lines

We offer a wide range of products and facilities in the area of surface treatment industry. We have created a wide scope of technical and technological solutions which assure comfortable working environment, flexible operation, energy savings and tailoring to individual requirements. The devices can be installed in the existing facilities, but we also offer a documentation for  newly built  production halls. The appliances can form single or double- row system working as mechanized, semi-automatic or automatic line. An upper traveller system assures work safety, convenient access to process tanks and to all elements of auxiliary equipment. Treatment of big parts is carried out with the use of racks, and smaller parts are processed in single or double barrel units. If required, the line can use a combined- rack and barrel system. Finishing treatment of smaller parts can be completed by an additional lacquer protection. The drying of the parts is carried out in a chamber dryer (the parts are placed on the racks) or in spin dryers (smaller parts).The latest technical solutions applied in our devices guarantee high quality of the coatings and at the same time they minimize the costs of materials, energy and work.





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