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Beside plating lines and equipment we offer you the full package of chemistry, process technology and comprehensive service to the metal finishing industry. The products of GAL series can be applied in various fields of plating industry, such as furniture, construction, automotive, aerospace and etc. Furthermore, we cooperate with DOW EM which is a part of The DOW Chemical Company supplying the highest quality chemistry for printed circuit boards (PCB) production.

We invite you to get acquainted with our products for metal finishing. We supply a wide range of zinc plating baths (acid and alkaline) and compatible passivations and sealing. Our nickel plating baths can be applied in various coating conditions, and chromium plating bath based on trivalent chromium allows for obtaining a bright coating . A wide selection of our chemistry gives numerous possibilities. Our Research Department generates new ideas and conducts research and analyses to expand our offer and comply with the most demanding requirements of the Customers.



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