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Plating rectifiers

GALKOR rectifiers are designed to withstand harsh galvanizing plant conditions. We have provided the highest level of protection concerning both mechanical aspect (lacquer coating, galvanic coating, mechanical protection of electronic components) and electronic aspect.  Separation of control section from actuating section ensures long and failure-free work. The rectifiers are resistant to short-circuit, overload and overvoltage. The rectifiers are not sensitive to disturbances. Internal control system controls all the relevant  parameters: power supply, temperature, cooling and determines optimal working conditions.

Superior control
The rectifiers can be controlled either manually or automatically in the following ways:
•    Communication network- RS 485 MODBUS with 4 versions of protocols,
•    Communication network- RS 485 PROFIBUS
•    Analogue signals
•    ETHERNET network
•    Remote operation panel (up to 7 rectifiers in one network)
Large and clear display with user-friendly operating panel provides the excellent functionality of GALKOR rectifiers. Built-in amp-hour meter (up to 2) and programmable timer allows for the production of high quality coatings in the most demanding applications.



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