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Especially for our customers we have created a laboratory equipped with the most modern equipment for analysis and testing of electroplating processes.


Our laboratory offers the following procedures: 


  • Analyses of the basic composition of baths by means of automatic burettes or tritrator.
  • Determination of impurities, i.e: Fe, Zn, Cu, Ni, Co, Pb, Cr using Agilent's AAS 240FS Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer.
  • Thanks to the integrated Methrom system, we have the possibility to perform quantitative analyses of water and wastewater in terms of anions and cations with the use of a modern chromatograph IC 940 Vario and analyses of galvanic additives with the use of HPLC.
  • Detailed analyses of waste waterusing UV-Vis spectrophotometric technique with a modern DR 6000 Hach Lange apparatus, determining i.e: Ag, Cr, Fe, Sn, Ni, Zn, Cu, Al, Mn, TOC, BOD5, COD, Ntotal,, CrO3, SO42-, Cl-, CN-.
  • Thickness testing of even several different coatings on metal surfaces as well as plastics. Furthermore, we search for difficult-to-detect compounds in sediments and carry out qualitative bath analysis with the X-RAY XDAL Ficherscope.
  • Salt chamber testing.
  • Technological analyses in Hull cells.
  • Observation and determination of all types of coating defects and raport generation for our Clients.


In addition, we also have high-class laboratory equipment, i.e.: laboratory dryer, analytical balance, open wet, thermal dry or ultrasonic mineraliser, centrifuge, pH, Direct-Q Millipore system for the production of ultra-pure water.