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Adequate drying of the coating deposited on the parts is one of the key factors in the surface treatment process. It might be carried out using galvanic centrifuge or a chamber dryer. We offer chamber dryers heated electrically or with the use of heat exchangers powered by gas, and stationary dryers for special processes – dehydrogenation.

Galvanic centrifuge
Drying process involves centrifugation of the  liquid obtained through high centrifugal force in the rotating barrel. The parts subjected to drying are placed in the charge basket, subsequently the blades of a fan situated at the bottom of the basket create air draught heated by a heater supporting the drying process.


Electric dryer
The parts after galvanic treatment are manually placed inside the dryer. The operator closes the door and starts the drying process. The temperature of  circulating air is automatically controlled by a temperature regulator and a Pt100 sensor. The dryer control is executed via central PLC unit.


Chamber dryer
The chamber dryer is used to dry the parts after galvanic treatment. The parts are placed inside the chamber after previous cover opening. The temperature of circulating air is controlled by PT 100 sensor.