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Exhaust ventilation system guarantees safe and healthy working conditions at the production site, especially at the “hot spots” i.e. in the vicinity of process tanks.


Chemical and electrochemical processes resulting from technological procedure require fume extraction. Vapours are removed through suction nozzles located at the edges of process tanks. Consequently,  the vapours are moved through the ventilation ducts into the exhaust fan and then after proper filtration, disposed into the atmosphere. The most modern solutions in the field of mist elimination and scrubbing enable to obtain high filtration efficiency and protect the environment.


Filtration of exhaust gases outside the galvanizing plant is carried out using water filters. The water filter consists of a properly filled vertical or horizontal column through which the air is extracted in order remove impurities arising from chemical and electrochemical treatment. The gases flowing through the filter are humidified by the spray nozzles. After the water absorbs the impurities, it is condensed on a special droplet separator.


Transporter exhaust ventilation

This solution enhances the efficiency of ventilation, especially when the galvanic manipulator is placed at the top position over the tank. The extraction of a particular working station is carried out using an automatic damper at the point of taking the batch out of the process tank.