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The modern control system of a plating line is responsible for the correct and safe course of a technological process. The system is based on a controller with a colourful operator panel that provides the visualization of the process flow and the functioning of particular devices of the line. The system is characterized by high flexibility in adapting to the needs of a particular  application. The system enables the data exchange between individual installations and devices, it also reports and collects operational data. The screens of an operation panel provide the visualization of process parameters, plating line status, bath parameters, executive devices status, sensors status, alarm messages, the setting of process parameters, service settings, statistical functions.


The essential functions of the automatic line control system:


  • Control of the trajectory of galvanic manipulator
  • The possibility to change technological parameters during automatic operation mode
  • Independent switching of the operation mode of individual galvanic manipulators
  • Optical and audible alarms (alarms, automatic operation mode, transporter movement)
  • The visualization of the process course on the operation panel
  • Alarm system managing the operation of all elements of the line, which prevents from negative results of any potential failures
  • Control of peripheral devices (filters, agitating pumps, spraying)
  • Measurement and adjustment of bath temperature
  • Current measurement and counting of ampere-hours, control of dosing pumps
  • Control of the rectifiers (current parameters) based on the data provided for the particular batch
  • Standby mode (minimal bath temperature, minimal ventilation level, etc.), auto start at a set time
  • Statistical features (drive working hours, batch counting, etc.)
  • Service features (diagnostic, reports, etc.)
  • Technological data base
  • Remote access through the Internet
  • Archiving alarm and diagnostic data and  reporting to a chosen email address
  • Automatic transmission of production reports to a chosen email address