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Due to the rising costs of water consumption and sewage disposal, entrepreneurs are looking for solutions to reduce them. In order to meet their expectations, in accordance with the pro-ecological trend, we propose a solution which makes it possible to make one's activity independent from the increasing prices of water intake and close water management within the company.
The system of technological water recovery allows for the purification of water and pre-treated process wastewater to such an extent that the water obtained is suitable for re-use in technological processes. Thanks to the applied solutions, it is possible to obtain the final product from treated wastewater, i.e. water with the parameters of DEMI water. The process water recovery system also solves a common problem with exceeding permissible concentrations of chlorides or sulphates in wastewater discharged to the sewerage system due to closing the water cycle.
  • Closure of the water cycle inside the company
  • Independence from water supply and no risk of production stoppages due to lack of water
  • No risk of exceeding admissible parameters in wastewater discharged to sewerage - no permanent disposal of wastewater
  • No costs associated with the constantly rising costs of wastewater disposal
  • Obtaining water with demineralised water parameters from post-production waste water
  • Significant reduction in the negative impact of our activities on the environment