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We have developed a  control system for sewage neutralizers and process water recovery systems operating in automatic mode in continous operation and for installtions operating periodically. The modern control system is based on a controller with a colourful operation panel that presents the visualization of the process flow and the operation of the installation. The system is characterized by high flexibility in adapting to the needs of a particular application and it gives the possibility to exchange data between individual devices as well as to report and collect operational data. The control system is designed in accordance with applicable standards and made of components supplied by the most renowned manufacturers.



Main feature of the control system of sewage neutralizers and technological water recovery systems:


  • Controlling the work of the neutralizer in the automatic cycle,
  • Displaying the status of sensors and actuators,
  • Displaying pH, redox and conductivity values in reactor tanks and liquid levels in all tanks,
  • Optical and sound signalling of selected events (e.g. alarms, end of reaction, etc.),
  • Supervision over correct operation of the equipment - detection of the emergency situations and appropriate response to their occurance (emergency stop, sound signal, display),
  • Option to switch the system into the manual mode.
  • Service settings,
  • Settings of operating parameters (scalling of level sensors, setting times and pH levels, setting redox for individual reaction stages, etc.),
  • Communication with electroplating line control system,
  • Operation parameters registration,
  • Remote access via the Internet for service purposes.