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We use the atomic absorption method with the Agilent ASA 240FS spectrometer to determine the content of so-called traces. In electroplating this mainly concerns metallic impurities in the baths. ASA is a so-called flame technique which measures the absorption of light energy by free atoms of elements.
  • Flame atomiser
In this solution, the spectrometer uses a nebuliser to create an aerosol. The material is then directed towards a burner. There it is mixed with a combustible gas (usually acetylene and air or acetylene and nitrous oxide), where the sample is burned. As a result of the high temperature, the metal changes into an atomic state and, as is known, each element emits characteristic radiation, which makes it possible to analyse samples with a complex matrix with high precision.
  • We determine the following metals:
zinc, iron, nickel, copper, lead, palladium, cobalt, chromium.
An unquestionable advantage of this method is the high accuracy and speed of measurement, which is all we need to assess the problem and react immediately in emergency situation.