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We are able to provide the equipment and necessary accessories at competitive prices for small, medium and large galvanizing plants. With years of experience in the electroplating industry we would like to assist you in the implementation of the latest techniques and technologies. We offer solutions to protect the environment and minimize operating costs of the equipment since our facilities are characterized by high accuracy and functionality. We offer a complete plating lines including control system, wastewater treatment, plating equipment, and a wide range of chemical products necessary for its operation. Depending on the individual requirements the line can be manual, automatic or semi-automatic. GALKOR manufactures a wide range of equipment for surface treatment, such as tanks, rectifiers, pumps, heaters, barrel units, rack systems, and many more. Our control system characterized by high reliability and simple operation is designed with a view to high-quality coatings and production optimization.



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Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe
GALKOR Sp. z o.o.

ul. Aleje Wolności 1A
86-010 Koronowo
Tel: (+48 52) 382 07 70

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