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Filter Press

We offer solutions solving problems of sludge generated in the process of galvanic wastewater treatment. Mechanical dehydration of sludge, carried out by the filter press is the most effective and economical method of sludge concentration.

The filter package consists of chamber filter plates - the middle and the end plates, attached to the press head. Before feeding the raw material into the press, filter plate pack is clamped by hydraulic cylinder with the force ensuring demanded tightness of the space between the plates. After the closure, the filter press is ready for operation. Loading the raw material (proper filtering) is performed with the use of a feed pump maintaining a constant pressure by the gradual reduction of  performance.
The filtrate seeping through the filter cloth covering the filter plates shall be discharged through the grooves and drainage tubes to receiver gutters. The flow of filtrate through the tubes enables to observe the filtration process. After completion of all the operations that make up the filtration cycle, there is a  pressure discharge in the filter press and then the movable head is moved away and the unloading phase begins.



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